Python 3.x does not exist in the list

Hi, I’ve decided to take a license, but I just noticed that you don’t support the python 3. x branch. The problem is that I’m working with this one. Are you planning an update soon?
Thank you for your response

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Hi Scwall,

Do you refer to Instant Generator only support 2.2/2.6?

yes :slight_smile:

The support of Python 3.x code generation is in our backlog and I’ll keep you post once there any update about the development schedule on this feature. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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ok nice :smiley:

Could you describe what syntax of Python 3.x you expect to be supported?

for example, we know
typing is supported in 3.5
but it have no actual effect on runtime

In other words, even using Instant Generator to generate 2.x code,
it can be run by python 3.x.

The lack of Python 3 support is the reason I stopped using visual paradigm and went back to pencil and paper.

Is this still backlog only? Though the generated code can be run by python 3.x, there’s lot of stuff that will be quite out of date