Query about use-case representation

Hi, just wondering what’s the best way to represent the following type of behaviour on a use-case diagram? I have an employee that updates a stockmanager item, a database item, and a stock item but on other occasions he may only wish to update the stockmanager and database item. I know how to represent this in a class diagram, for example:
Class updateItem
updateItem(stockmanager item,database item,stockitem item)
updateItem(stockmanager item,database item)
But in a use-case diagram would updating the stockItem be an “extends” of a n updateItem use-case or how would it normally be represented?

Hi marktheman,

Sorry for my late reply. The use case is for modeling the user’s goal, and different update can just be different scenario in the use case.
Basically, use case extend is meaning insert additional sequences into the base use-case sequence. According to your description, it’s not really likely to be extended.

I hop these can help. If there are any further inquiries, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong