Question on extensions

I have a top level use case diagram with actors that are Regular Users and Superuser. For simplicity of explanation lets say one of my use cases is Update Record, which is what the Regular User can do. Another use case is Super User Update Record, which is an extension to the Update Record as more things can be done there. The Superuser uses this use case, but the Regular user cannot.

Now in my top level use case diagram if I show:

RU ------ (Update Record) --<>–> (Super User Update) ----- Super User

Then does that imply that Regular User could use both Update User and Super User Update?

If so how do I rectify that? If I take away the extension it removes some information from the model. Still, do I take it away but in the Detail Use Case diagram for Superuser Update do I show it there instead?

(Update Record) --<>–> (Super User Update)