Question: Solution for sharing models automatically to a static HTML web page

Hi Visual Paradigm Community,

I’m reaching out from an organization where we’re looking for an efficient way to export models created by various team members. Our goal is to consolidate these models into a static HTML web page for easy sharing and reference. Ideally, we’d like to automate this export/sharing process entirely, eliminating the need to manually open Visual Paradigm for each model.

We’re comfortable in trying to develop our custom solutions, including Java plugins, and leveraging Python scripts and Azure for automation. Our primary goal is to streamline our workflow through automation.

At this point, we would appreciate any insights or recommendations regarding processes or methods to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Actually the Project Publisher feature in v17.1 already support output project into HTML pages. The Project Publisher do have command line interface which allows you to create script for publish projects without manually go through the GUI. If the project is manged by our repository (either using VP Online cloud service, or on-premises Teamwork Server) then you can even use it to host the published content and provide access control to them. Otherwise you can create scripts to copy the published content to your own hosting location.