RC4, SDE for Eclipse: Select in Code doesn't work!?

Hi there,

I’ve just downloaded and installed RC4 of the SDE for Eclipse. One thing I’ve noted is that whenever I click “Select in Code”, nothing happens. No matter where I try it (Model, Class Diagrams etc.), there’s simply no reaction.

Select in model seems to work fine… well, at least in the Model tree… from the code or from the package explorer, this also doesn’t work…

I’m using Eclipse 3.0…

Furthermore, when I use the context menu on methods / attributes and the like, I don’t even see the “Select in code” menu item. I’d consider this a mandatory feature for navigating between model and code.

kind regards,

Dear david,

Thanks for reporting the problems. I’ve forwarded this message to our engineers to follow-up. I’ll come back to immediately once there are any feedbacks. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,