Re-using sub-processes

How do I use a sub-process more than once on a top level diagram? If I create a top level diagram with two re-usable subprocesses in it, if I click the plus sign in the first one, I can select an Existing Business Process Diagram, and it displays inside the activity icon, and I can see in the tree structure that the subprocess is there as component of the calling object. If I then click the plus sign in the second re-usable subprocess and select the same Existing Business Process Diagram, the sub-process appears, but it disappears from the first calling object, and I can see from the tree structure that it’s disappeared. I only ever seem to be able to refer to it once. This seems the opposite of a re-usable sub-process. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks - Rowan

I have the same problem. Have you found a solution for that Rowan?

Hi Rowan,

To re-use a sub-process, please copy and paste the sub-process as view(s). Press Ctrl-C and copy and Ctrl-V to paste as view. Note that a sub-process diagram can only be embedded by one sub-process.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung


This doesn’t seem to work for me. Is there another way to make a sub process re-usable?

What I have found works is when I want to reuse an existing sub-process on another top level process diagram, find the sub-process in the Diagram Navigator on the left hand side of the screen and drag it onto the new top level diagram. I’m not sure what this is doing to the data structures of the model (it would be good to have this explained by the support team…) but visually it works.


Thanks Rowan, This is definitely not the ideal way but it does work.