Recommendation how to manipulate the model programatically


I am a new VP user and would appreciate some advice about the best way to update the model from a program. The plan is to create an Archimate model describing business and application services. There is a lot of information in an existing CMDB which I plan to include, but I do not want to do it manually. Some questions:

  • I guess I could go through the XMI format, but it seems quite complicated
  • Excel. Can I convert the excel to csv and back without loosing information that VP needs when I import it back?
  • Apparently the .vpp file is a sqlite3 db. It seems like a good candidate, but I haven’t found any description of the db schema. Hands off?

All suggestions are appreciated!


Hi Leo,

Thanks for your message. I’m very sorry that we do not support and not recommend user direct manipulate the project database. In fact, we have the Open API which allow you to access and manipulate the project information in programmatic way. More details about the Open API can be found at

Plugin User’s Guide

Know-how pages on Open API


Besides the Open API, you can also do it via Excel. We do support importing models via Excel (with our specific format of data inside the file). The following article will give you an example about how it works.

Hope these will help.

Best regards,
Rain Wong