Referencing classes in other VP-UML projects

I am pretty sure I’ve asked this question, or at least a similar one before, so I apologize in advance, as I can’t find that previous post anymore.

I’m using a class diagram to model some databases, and they are in two different VPUML projects. I am at a point now where one database table has a field that weakly references a field in a different database’s table. Both tables have the same name. I can’t use the same name in the class diagram because VPUML will think that it’s the same class, and will automatically populate all of the attributes for me, which I don’t want. I’d like to have one class (table) say something like database1.names, and the other say database2.names. I could do it manually, but why not have one VPUML project reference the other? This is useful beyond my simple database example. There are several cases where I’d like to have my application UML project reference classes and other objects within other projects, so that when I change the classes in the dependencies, the application UML diagrams change automatically.

How can I reference one project from another?