Referencing table/entity name when naming Entity Domain columns?


I am using Entity Domain in an physical ERD to automatically generate a set of columns in my entities that are of that Domain (such as insert_ts and update_ts, as well as a primary key). I would like the primary key name to follow the format {table_name}_id. The column name inside Entity Domain does not seem to understand this kind of notation as a reference to the table name. Is there a way for me to generate a primary key column for each table that is named with the table name, followed by “_id”?

Thanks for any suggestions!

I’m sorry that currently we do not support define PK naming pattern via domains. I’ve pass your case to our engineers to investigate the possibility to support this in our future release. I’ll keep you post once there are any update on this. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Thank you very much, I appreciate it!