Related Elements -> Show Other Views from sequence component

I have several components used in component diagrams,
When I’m searching for the other views on which one of the component relates, VP gets the list of component diagrams. That is working as expected.

But, I also use these components in sequence diagrams. When I drop a component in a sequence diagram (as a life line) , VP creates an instance of that component.
So, searching for all diagrams on which the component relates doesn’t show the sequence diagrams.

To summarize, when a component is used in components diagrams and sequence diagrams, VP “Related Elements → Show Other Views” operation returns only the components diagrams view.
How to get all types of diagrams on which the component relates ?

Thank you,

Hello Stephane,

Thank you for your post. The “Show Other Views” feature only lists the alternate views of a model element. For your case, the Lifeline and the Component are two separated model elements, that’s the Components are not being listed when you tried to find the other views of a lifeline. To support your need, you can perform the steps below:

  1. Right click on the Lifeline and select Related Elements > Show Dependent Model Element from the popup menu.

  2. Open the Model Transitor tab

  3. Double click on the Component. You will be brought to its view

Hope this helps. Should you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hello Jick,

Thank you for your answer.
It works well:

It could be nice to have the name of the related diagram beside the component.
In the case above, we see several instances of the same component in different diagrams but we have to browse them in order to find the correct one.

Thank you,