Relation between two use-cases

I am in doubt what is relation between two use cases. The first one is “List all users” and the second one is “Delete user(s)”. In order to perform the “Delete user(s)” use case, actor must first perform “List all users” use case. What is relation between these use cases (include or generalization, or maybe extend because at end of “Delete user(s)” actor is presented with the list of remaining users)?

Include, you cannot delete without selecting a user from the list. Hence the include.

If you could delete a user by typing in a name and not validate this name than it could be an extend.

Delete users is the main stream the list all users is the mini use case.

Delete users —<>—> list all users.

If the delete can be done without listing all users first than it would be something like

Delete users <----<> ---- list all users

Hope this helps.