Relation properties according to layer

Hi all,
i created 2 entities and 1 relationship between them in a data model at conceptual layer.
I tried to import the same entities in another data model at logical layer, inside the same project. It worked and the relationship has been correctly replicated.

My question is: is there any possibility to set up 2 different formats / stereotype, to display/hide different things on the same relationship in the different layers?

Hi F.G,

I assume the layer you talking about is Data Model (Conceptual, Logical and Physical).

You can synchronize your Entity Relationship Diagram between different Data Model.
After that, those entities and relationships are become two set with Transit From/To traceability.
As a result, you can edit their properties and formats without affecting each other.

Details of the synchronization can be found in below page.

Best Regards,


Hi Roy,
many thanks for your help. I tried to follow your advice but when I right click on my conceptual Data Model, i don’t have the option Utilities > Synchronize to Logical ERD but only Utilities > Synchronize Entities Description to Class Diagram. I am using version 16.0 Modeler, if it can help.