Remove trailing paragraph breaks (or whitespace in general)

When generating a document, formatting is critical for presentation purposes. One of the problems I have is with paragraph breaks, which I want absolute control over, as they affect the way paragraphs break across a page. In all my descriptions, I make sure that there isn’t a trailing paragraph break that could cause problems. However, when the description includes a bulleted list, I can’t seem to get rid of the trailing break. The image below shows a snapshot of a table of enumeration literals in a class where the description includes a bulleted list. You’ll notice that the last bullet ends with a paragraph break, followed by the table cell break. This makes the table bigger than it needs to be.

Each bullet also has a space at the end that I can’t get rid of either, but that’s less of an issue.


Thank you for your inquiry. I just have a quick test on it but was unable to repeat the problem you experienced. As show in image below there is no extra paragraph break follow to the bullet list. Would you please send us your project file and your custom template XML for diagnosis? You can send them to for diagnosis. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks. Submitted.

I note, though, that you have the same problem as I do with an extra space character at the end of each line.