Renaming Instance Specification breaks its classifier definition

I found an instance specification renaming bug that can be reproduced with the following steps:

  1. Create a project A which has a referenced project B.
  2. Create an instance specification in a deployment diagram of project A.
  3. Add a classifier from project B to the instance specification, eg “B.XClass”.
    1. Attempt to rename the instance specification to “NewName”, then its classifier definition is lost and the new name becomes “NewName:B.XClass”.

expected results:
In step 4, the instance specification’s name is properly changed and its classifier definition should not be affected.

Hi Q-field.

Thanks for your post and sorry for the problem. With your help, we can repeat the issue. Our engineers are reviewing the issue now. I will let you know when it is fixed.

Best regards.
Jick Yeung