Report Writer: link

I have use case diagram, and I generate a document with Report Writer.
In my document I have the list of sub-diagram.
I want to generate a link from “UseCase_1” (is in the list of sub-diagram) to diagram UseCase_1 (new paragraph).

I attach a image with the exaple.

Can you help me???


Hi user,

Sorry for my late response. It’s necessary to create bookmarks in Report Writer to create the links, but when using Report Writer, there is no way to guarantee the target bookmark exists before create the link, i.e. destination exists before you create the source item (i.e. you need to create the diagram section before create the summary section which has “UseCase_1”).

If you really need the navigation, you need to add bookmark on the report in OpenOffice and then create linkage on your own.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong