ReportWriter: ER Diagram Triggers/StoredProcedures/StoreProcedureResultSet/Package

I have a ER Diagram with triggers, Store Procedures, Store Procedure ResultSet and Package element, and I want to generate a document with Report Writer.
In this document I want put the details of triggers, Store Procedures, Store Procedure ResultSet and Package.

I dont’ know the modelType of these elements:
-modelType Triggers?
-modelType Store Procedures?
-modelType Store Procedure ResultSet?
-modelType Package?

Can you help me??

I attach some images


Hi user,

Thanks for your query.


Stored Procedures

Store Procedure ResultSet


Hope this helps. If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Lilian,

I would ask you a question…

I have a trigger if I open specification detail (with right click on it)
I can see the tag "General"
-data model and
-documentation parameters.

I don’t know what is the corrisponce in teh report writer with dta model…
for example.
NAME (on VP-UML) --> propertyText = “name” (on Report Writer)
DOCUMENTATION --> propertyText = "documentation"
DATA MODEL --> ???

I tryed with type and modelType without success, could you please help me?

Thanks in advance

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your post again. It “dataModel” for Data Model of trigger, but we found a problem that the property is an Integer property rather than a String property, but the specification dialog of trigger shows it as string. I’ve forwarded this problem to our engineers to fix, and will get back to you with a patch when it’s fixed.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Vicky,

I would like to tell you that we fixed the problem on the property of trigger, please find the latest patch from the following link:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Dear Lilian,

I just installed the patch and now my code workd correctly! Thanks for your precious (and faster) help!

But, today, I have another question for you (I’m very sorry about that!!!)

I tried to write an xml template in order to show information about the store procedure ( model Type ProcedureResultSet)

For Each StoredProcedureInfo I’m able to show (with ReportWriter, of course) the list of storedProcedure and for each storedProcedure
I’m able to write the name, the general Info, the comment, the references but I don’t know how I can iterate on each parameter
How can I recognize a parameter? What is its model type?

Thanks for your precious help

Hi Lilian,
I waiting your help…


Hi user,

Sorry that I missed this issue before. I’ve forwarded the issue to our engineers to follow-up, and will come back to you once there is any feedback.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi user,

They are children of Procedure and the modelType is “ProcedureParameter”. You can get them by <IterationBlock elementType=“ProcedureParameter” … under a Procedure. Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong