Repository Issue

A project was originally checked in to a VP Online repository. The on prem server was being reviewed and an attempt was made to connect to it was unsuccessful. Now the connection to the original online repo is broken.
A new workspace was created and the old workspace imported to it, but when clicking Commit, the error dialog: “This project is not listed in the manageable project list” is displayed.
The Teamwork Client Repositories list shows the server as well as the original workspace.
How can the local server be removed?
How can the project be associated with the online workspace again?

This was fixed by editing the vpts_config.xml file.
The unwanted repository was removed as well as all the projects. The projects were then imported into the online repo.

Thank you for your inquiry and I’m sorry that we not expect user manually alter the vpts_config.xml since it could make the situation even worse…

Each local workspace can only connect to one repository, and each server managed project will have a linkage to its own repository. The correct way to change the server connection should be create a new local workspace folder (Help > Switch workspace), after that VP application will restart itself using the new local workspace, and allow user to establish connect to a different server.

And for the project user should use the Save as function to save it to become a pure local project from the original server connection, then switch the local workspace (which connect to different server), after that open the pure local project and use the Save as function again to import to the current connecting server. But please note that server dependent features such as web diagrams, Agile process, JIT processes, etc… are not allow to move across server in this way.