Requirements in table view - how show general description


I’d like to ask for help with problem that general description doesn’t appear on table view of requirements. I mean, when I switch requirement diagram view to table view.

How I can configure the columns that appear on that type of view ?

How I can use General description from specification of requirement in attributes ?

thank you

May I know is the “general description” you referring is the text property of Requirement models?

I have on my mind this Description

The purpose is that this description I want to view in Tabular View; There are only atributes.

Butt better would be if I can the same description have in atributes. When I changing description atribute change too

Thanks for replying. By default the description of the requirements are stored using the Text tagged value, and the tabular view is presenting data according to its tagged values. By define the description under Text tagged values will have it present in tabular view.

Sorry for delay, I don’t understand , How to solve it

My goal is to have only one description - And this could be present on Tabular View , On Documentation by Doc Composer, and When I use have graphic representation of requirements

How I can put on argument to (Opis) (eng: descriprtion) general Description from Requiremnt specyfication

Then in this case you should go to Window > Configuration > Configure Requirement Types to create your own requirement type, with just one “Text” property named as “Opis”. After that create this type of requirements in diagram will allows you to define its description under Opis property, and present it in tabular view.

ok, and how I can view this on Doc Composer ?