Resolution loss of screenshots and pictures in description field

Hi all,

I have a problem when I copy a hi resolution screenshot or picture into the description field of a process. The quality of the image seriously deteriorates when I copy it into the description field. It makes the documentation look shabby when i use the doc composer to generate the documentation.

How can I prevent this?

Kind regards,

Elbert Smit

Hi Elbert,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we are unable to repeat your case. In our testing, the quality of hi-quality image is fine when pasting in the description field. It does look a bit shabby when being shown in Doc. Composer, but the exported reports (e.g. PDF) looks fine. Could you send us a sample project for checking? One that contains the problem shape and Doc. Composer document would be great.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regard,s
Jick Yeung

Hello Jick,

Thank you for studying the problem. I think you are right and it only seems like resolution loss in the description field. When I print the pdf, it seems to be ok.

We stumbled into the problem while copying text and pictures from Word documents into the description field. I suspect that Word already performed some kind of compression on the original high resolution pictures, which lead to shabby pictures in the description field.

Kind regards,

Elbert Smit