Resource Catalog bug

I use Visual_Paradigm_CE_16.1 in fedora31 and use swaywm

I can drag and drop the Resource Catalog

But when I click on the Resource Catalog, want to create a self association, its panel will crash(not the software, but crash Resource Catolog)

If I switch desktop environment to gnome, clicking Resource Catalog does not crash

Is there any other way to create a self association? Can this bug be fixed?

I also want to create multiple self associations, but the second creation will change name. Is there any way to do this?

Hi zdm,

Is the crash of resource catalog you refer to mean mouse click on any button just get ignored, and the resource catalog is gone as if nothing has happened?

To create self association, instead of using the resource catalog, you can select the Association button from the toolbar. When create a normal association, you would then drag from the source class to the target class, but since you now want a self association, you just single click on the class without dragging the mouse at all.

For the “second creation will change name” behavior, it is because currently multiple self associations will default be layout the same way, so the second (and up) self associations created will covered the previous. So actually the self association is there, just drag the connector points manually to reveal it. We are sorry if it confused you, and we will enhance this feature.

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Sorry I didn’t say clearly “crash”

“crash” means that when “resource catalog” is clicked, the newly clickable panel appears and exits in less than one second

I can use the Association on the left , drag first . Thanks

HI zdm,

Thank you for your information. We will check if we could repeat the resource catalog crash issue.

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I checked and find we have users reported similar issue in Linux before, but not sure if your issue is the same. Can you try the following to see if it solve the resource catalog crash issue?

  • Create a user specific options file by following the first two steps in:
  • Add this line to the file:


Restart Visual Paradigm if it is already running. If the issue you face is the same as previous users, the resource catalog should now work normally.

Best Regards,


I added this line and restarted it

I opened a project with a class and a package.
I clicked the resource catalog on the package and the panel displayed normally.
Then I clicked the resource catalog above the class. The problem still exists, as before.
Then I clicked the resource catalog on the package again, and it had the same problem.

Then I restarted again.

I clicked the resume catalog on the package, and I still had the same problem.
Then I repeatedly clicked the resource catalog (about 30 times), and the panel appeared three times normally.
Then I repeatedly clicked the resource catalog on the class. Not once normal.

When I use gnome or sway I have this information

~ » WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
WARNING: Illegal reflective access by v.byo.dr (file:/home/zdm/Visual_Paradigm_CE_16.1/lib/vpplatform.jar) to constructor javax.swing.text.GlyphPainter1()
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of v.byo.dr
WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release

Hi zdm,

Can you send us the screenshot showing how the crash of resource catalog is like, together with the vp.log file, with a link to this forum post, to so we can diagnose the problem for you? You can reference this article on how to obtain log file from Visual Paradigm:

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