Resources for the UML terms used in the VP-UML


The production itself and the manual contains hard-core UML terminology like the various association and generalization types. I like it, but I guess I need to deepen my understanding of those.
Where can I find good concise material with this documentation? Couldn’t find it on the manual (but only usage of those terms)


It seems the VP manual describes the program, but not the UML itself. As I understand it, you need a UML tutorial. I suggest you enter

uml tutorial

in your favorite search engine and look at the hits.

Regarding the term “hard-core UML”: When you’re an absolute beginner in UML, the different types of lines and shapes can be a bit intimidating. But I found that this feeling goes away rather quickly if you go through a tutorial and draw the diagrams yourself and play with them. VP is a wonderful tool for this. :slight_smile: For example, you can drag and drop end points of lines in a class diagram from one class shape to another. You can also drag and drop attributes and operations from one class shape to another.

You probably should draw a few simple diagrams before you work on a “real” project model.

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