Reuse elements in another diagram

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Now I am testing VP for UML EE and interesting in Business Process Diagram.
I could not resolve following problems:

  1. I would like to aggregate some Diagrams in any element (Package, BP, another Diagram etc). But how to organize this hierarchy in Diagram Navigator Tree? It seems I can’t organize hierarchy as I want at all in VP.
  2. I would like to show that decision at my Diagram goes to element at another Diagram. I copy(drag) this element from another Diagram (Diagram Navigator Tree) to my Diagram and see that this element was copied to my Diagram too. It is not convenient for me because I would like to know that this element from another Diagram and would like to drill down to another Diagram which this element belongs originally to.

And I have one more question:
3. How can I customize HTML Report generation? I would like to create complex reports. For example I would like to generate report of only “Data Object” elements with Name, Documentation and References fields. How can I do this?

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  1. The tree in Diagram Navigator is for sorting diagrams in project but not the models. You need to managing your models in the Model Explorer.
    In Model Explorer, you can drag the BP model(s) under a package model, and adding sub-diagrams to the BP models (you may refer to the image below for the result model structure).

  2. You can right-click on the shape and select Show Other Views… in the popup menu, then you will be able to jump to the shape on another diagram.

  3. We are sorry that currently we so not support report customization, but this is on out list of future features already. I’ll keep you informed for any news about this issue.

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

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Hi Lilian,

Thanks for replay.

  1. I tried to use Model Explorer. But it’s impossible to organize my models as I want. At 1st I use Business Process Diagram and have sever sub-process on high level Diagram. I create lower level Sub-Process Diagrams for each Sub-Process as described at BP-VA user guide, “Forming Sub-Process from Existing Elements” chapter. Each lower level Diagram has sub-processes too which are expended in the same way. It’s very easy and right process I think. But I can’t organize these elements in Model Explorer because:
    a. I can’t create sub-diagrams for Sub-Process and Task elements
    b. I can’t add existing Diagrams as Sub-Diagram to any element
    c. I can’t edit “parent model” property of elements (i.e. Diagrams)

1.1. When I am exploring VP I found Logical View Explorer. It seems I can organize hierarchy as I want but I don’t know if it’s right to use for this purpose. Because elements do not have there parent elements.

  1. I don’t have this function. May be I use older version. When did this feature appear?

  2. It’s incredible. But I found report engine. What is it used for?

Hi Bas,

Thanks for replying. For your questions:
1.a. When you click the “+” sign to open the diagram of the sub-process, the diagram is already the sub-diagram of the sub-process.
Please refer to the flash movie about 1.a, also how to add existing diagram (1.b) in the link below:

1.c. The parent model field is for showing who is the parent only, it is not allowed to change in the specification dialog box. You need to change the it via the diagram/model tree.

  1. Please try our latest version, VP Suite 3.3 SP1 which we released this month. You can download it from the Download site in our website (

  2. The report engine (Report Writer) is the word-processor-like report builder for customizing Word reports. You can get more details of Report Writer at

If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact me again.

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Lilian Wong