Reverse C++ unable to parse final keyword


I’ve found that the c++ reverse feature doesn’t like the c++ ‘final’ keyword which can suffix a class declaration. I’ve managed to simplify it to the following code:

class c final

The log will contain a message about Parse error at line 2, column 1. Encountered: {

If I modify the code to the following

class c //final

then the code will generate properly.

I can probably get around this by simply macroing out the final keyword, but I don’t know where else in my project the string might be used. I would also expect the final keyword to map to a UML class property (like Leaf), but I may just be misunderstanding what Leaf means.

Also, if this is the wrong place to post these issues, please point me to the proper location. I am just starting a reversing project based on some newer code and may find a few more of these issues.

Thanks in advanced,


Thanks for your enquiry. Sorry that VP Reverse C++ Code does not support C++11 syntax. If you are looking for reverse only (not round-trip), you may try Instant Reverse.