Reverse Database not working for higher number of tables


I am using VP Enterprise Edition 8x and Oracle 10g. I already have a database and want to create ERD for the existing tables. I am able to create the ERD if I select less than 5 tables with very few Foreign Keys. Once the number of tables increases, the ERD is not getting created. Looks like it stops in between as I can see the tables I selected in Model View. In that each table will contain so many additional fields representing all the Foreign keys that table contains. I can drag those tables and create the ERD, but with these 10 - 20 additional fields it looks like a mess.

Can any one please let me know what couls be the issue here and a possible workaround.


Hello Saneesh,

This seems quite abnormal since we tested can reverse large DB without any problem. Would you mind send me your DB schema for testing? You can send it to Please make sure you have include URL of this forum post so that we can associate your case. Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

thanks Rain… and sorry for the delay.

Uploading the schema will be difficult as i don’t have the privilege to do so from my office. I have attached the log generated while the issue occured. Will that be sufficient for any kind of investigation.