Reverse DDL to ERD <Sybase>

Tables are reversed properly but foreign key constraints are not. Is reversing something like the text below supported?

ALTER TABLE dbo.Product_Disclaimers ADD CONSTRAINT FK_ProductDisclaimers_Product_Type_Id FOREIGN KEY (Product_Type_Id) REFERENCES dbo.
Fulfillable_Product_Defintions (Product_Type_id)

Since reversing DDL doesn’t appear to pick up constraints I attempted to reverse the database instead. There were issues involved with reverse engineering the tables into a diagram or a popup (sometimes the app just seems to hang) but I can reverse the database directly to the model. Unfortunately, this technique behaves like reverse engineering a DDL script - no constraints.

I also noticed that a small percentage of tables had not columns in the model.

Hello glennsills,

Would you mind send me the complete ddl file to have a look? You can send to Please include the URL of this post in your email. Thanks!

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Rain Wong