"Reverse Direction" feature not preserved in XMI export

When you reverse the arity of an association with the “reverse direction” feature, this is not preserved in an XMI export.

Reproduce :

Draw a class diagram with two classes associated.
Reverse the arity of the association
Export to XMI
Reimport from XMI
Arity has reverted to original direction

Suggestions :
Export reversal flag as an extension property
Implement reversal operation as an actual amendment of the ends of the association instead of a boolean flag

About your step “Reverse the arity of the association”, may I know how you change this? By right click on the association and select Change From/To Shape?

Best regards,
Rain Wong

I believe it’s the “Reverse connector” function as show in the menu at


This leads to the reversal of the solid black arrow (as shown from Customer to Reservation in the help) ; this appears to be stored as a boolean flag in the model which is not preserved on export to XMI.

Thanks for the details. I’ve tested with the latest build and it seems working fine. May I know what is the build number of the tool you are using?

Best regards,
Rain Wong