Reverse engineer xsd schema - xs:choice relationships are dropped

I’m importing a rather big xsd schema, split across files, etc. Almost everything works, except one thing so far:

in the above image, the class at the bottom “Nutzdaten”, and respectively “NutzdatenCType” should allow me to drill down via “visualize related model element” as I did for the rest of the diagram - I started at Elster at the top.

However, Nutzdaten and NutzdatenCType does not offer the button to continue the process.

The Corresponding XSD definition is

	<!-- Nutzdaten -->
	<xs:element name="Nutzdaten" type="elster:NutzdatenCType"/>
	<xs:complexType name="NutzdatenCType">
		<xs:sequence maxOccurs="unbounded">
				<xs:element ref="km000006:Kontrollmitteilung"/>
				<xs:element ref="kmstorno000006:KMStorno"/>

The Kontrollmitteilung etc are in the model, they’re just not linked:

Is there anything I could do about any of this, beside manually making the connections?

My goal is to exploratively create different views (diagrams) of the XSD schema for different stakeholders.

May I know you are select all XSD files at once (i.e. select the whole folder) when perform reverse engineering? or reverse individual file one by one?