Reverse engineering a DB and then update it from the DB again 1 month after


I am in a 100+ people project. We are about 20 people changing the DB tables. I am modelling the DB using Visual Paradigm. I reversed the DB and spend 3-4 days to make the diagram look nice.

Meanwhile people has updated the DB. Now I need to update the tables from the DB into the diagram. But I only find that I can reverse the DB into a new model.

Then all the positioning, grouping, coloring and similar is lost as I cannot transfer the setup to the new model…

Is it possible to update the Diagram with the updated DB table structure without making a new model and redoing the entire process?


Hi user,

Thank you for your post and sorry for my late reply. You can reverse database tables without creating a new diagram. To do this, select Do not form diagram with the reversed entities as the Result, in the Database to Data Model screen. I am attaching a screenshot for you as reference.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung