Reverse engineering (Merge model and code)

I am trying to merge some java source with a class model. I am hoping VP-UML will try to merge changes made in the java source and other changes made in the model.

On the tutorial there is a screen dump that contains a Code reverse engineering option called Merge Model and Code. This sounds like the thing I need however this option does not appear on my version (2.1 professional). I only have a Code Reverse Engineering option called Remove Model according to code. This options sounds like it will remove the model and replace with the code.

Has the ‘Merge model and code’ option been removed?

The ‘Merge model and code’ option is replaced by the ‘Remove model according to code’ option.

About the ‘Remove model according to code’ option, if this is true, the classmodel will totally reflect the code (remove the model and replace with the code). If this is false, the model will be kept even the code is removed.

Can this option help you?

Thanks for your clarification. It answers my question.

I was thinking it may manage the sitation where changes have been made to the model and to the code (outside of VP).

From your comments, either the model is used or the java source.

Thanks, Tim.