Reverse Engineering MS SQL DDL Script is not working

Hi folks,
Just started to evaluate VP with importing an existing archimate model. Worked like a charme. Now started to import the sql scripts for creating the ER. The very first trial runs with mysql worked as well, but the import/rev eng failed for ms sql server script. Tools - DB - Reverse Engineer DDL. I’m informed Reversing DDL … and shortly after starting a popup let’s me know Reverse DDL failed! I tried no setting for Encoding as well with UTF16, but no difference.
Is there a log, I can dive into, to get to the root cause?
Thx, best regards, Alexander

Would you please send us your ddl file for checking? You can send it to if you don’t want to post it in forum. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Rain, I was not able to upload the file, so I will send it via mail … Thx!

Thanks and our engineers are checking on it. Will keep you post about this.