Reverse engineering on java wiki

Hi everybody!

I have this problem…
i have to do a reverse engineering on jspwiki (is a wiki written in java, have jsp page)

with VP (Visual paradigm) i click on reverse, select java
then i have war file (jspwiki use war file not jar file) but doesn’t work…

then i extract the war file (i have 10 directories and like 15 file jps)
i try now to add (in reverse, java) the path of the new directories (get with the extract of war file) and i get the tree of the directories in the left panel…it seems work!

but if i do right-click on a component -> Reverse to new class diagram
not work…the new class diagram not appear…

how can i do?

thanks for the answer


Hi Daniele,

If possible, could you send me your code, the log file, and some screenshot about this problem? You may find the vp.log file in ${vp-suite-install-dir}/bin.

This is my Email address:

Best regards,