Reverse Engineering Oracle database stalled


I am actually evaluating DB-VA as a data modelling tool for our company.

We have a number of requirements many of which seem to be fulfilled by DB-VA, but like the other products I am evaluating
we’re using a rough run trial method to see which product matches our requirements.

I’ve downloaded the trial and oracles jdbc class file and am now trying to reverse engineer our database which is complex and then perform a cleanup to make a presentable diagram. We’ve done this already with Oracle SQL Data modeller and identified that we need enhancements
which are not ready yet which is a problem :wink:

The problem is I’ve set a reverse of a number of tables. I’ve done one table previously and while it was slow it achieved the aim.
But reversing approximately 25 tables (out of a possible 300) is taking forever.

I like the options and the interface and am willing to go through a decent amount of pain to get this done but the timing is important…

Any ideas…


Think this may be about using the 9 day trial since i upgrade to a license file for the thirty day trial and it seems to be a lot better.
Still have stalls but just crash it and start again with a clean project file.

This was a memory issue, needed to upgrade the memory used by the ;0 Standard way of updating what memory a mac application uses