Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram not working at all

The Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram Functionality does not seem to work at all.
This feature (or lack thereof) is a blocker as far as purchasing Visual Paradigm.

If I select a set of classes to reverse engineer into a class diagram, for example, they correctly appear in the left hand pane (see screenshot). However,
if I select a particular method, in one of the classes that I’ve reverse engineered, the reverse sequence still fails. See attached screenshot. Sometimes the whole VP application hangs!

In addition, there is no rhyme or reason as to the availability of operations if you select a class using the Tools->“Code Engineering”–>“Instant Reverse”–>“Java To Sequence Diagram…” .
It should be the case that if you select a file from which you intend to select a method to reverse into sequence diagram, the method should appear. If your claim is that your product recognize methods in a Java file, it should do so. – especially for what you charge for the product.

If you have some clear directions that always work for reverse sequence, please post them here. Or just add the feature to the community edition so that we can all suffer with this feature free of charge.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.17.41 AM.png

This problem seems caused by you have wrongly specified the source folder for reversing the sequence diagram. The following movie will show you how to solve this problem.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Not able to generate sequence diagram from source. I am able to select a method to reverse engg. but still it is showing this message “Selected operation not found. You may have selected a wrong source folder”.



This problem should be caused by you have picked the wrong folder as the source directory for perform reverse engineering. Please make sure you are selecting the parent folder of the root of the source for perform reverse engineering.

i.e. If you are reversing the which is located in d:\MyProject\src\com\sample\, and the class having package statement as com.sample, in this case you should select src folder as the source folder to perform reverse engineering.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

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Rain Wong

Hi Rain,

Thank you so much for your reply. Though I had selected src folder many times but did not helped. But you answer gave an hint, which I tried and able to generate sequence diagrams from source now. Actually My packaging structure is like this d:\MyProject\src\java\com\sample\

So after src I also have \java package though my package statement still start from com.sample …

Instead of selecting src as my source folder I have selected src\java as my source folder and that worked.


Hi Kapil,

Good to know that you have solved the problem. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!

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Rain Wong