Reverse Sybase tables fail

I have a table’s primary key is a foreign key also. The generated ERD cannot display the relationship.

If I change the “PRIMARY KEY” to “UNIQUE” it works. But as the DB allow me to create a primary key is a foreign key, the reverse shall be able to deal with it.

Also with the ParentTable “TestTable”, if I keep the primary key definition there, the reversed ERD cannot display any columns of this table.

Another problem: Even if I changed the PK to UK:
constraint TestChild1_UK UNIQUE (ParentID),
The reverse DB gave me the relationship in the ERD, but the ParentID column was missing in TestChild1.

This problem I am having is with Sybase ASE 12.5


Hi orientphoebus,

Thank you for your post. We will test the problem and come back to you. Meanwhile, please feel free to let me know if there are any questions.

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I found this is a fault alarm. This problem happened when I didn’t grant the select privilege to the user I used in VPUML. After doing that. Everything is fine.

Hello orientphoebus,

That’s ok. Please feel free to contact us again if there are any questions.

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