Revert to prior active VP version

Hi, just received an update info (to newest 17.2 version of VP).
After running update (no questions or hints that anything specific should be considered) and first running of fresh version I got the info:

If you continue other users with older versions can’t read your files (and vice versa)

Question: how to revert to last used version before the update has gone through?

Thanks a lot,


PS.: It seems that besides updating all individual installations there is additionally the need of the main installation. No info on that came along the process of updating.

Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry that the only way to go back to prior version is to reinstall the software. You can download the archive versions at Download Visual Paradigm Old Versions

Feel free to contact me for any questions!

Many thanks for your fast reply. Ok, this will be doable (though a bit of extra work).

A message (clear only to confirm actively) prior to finally updating the individual VP installation would be very helpful and time saving for everybody (especially for non-techies).