Roadmap for projects in VP teamwork server

Hello everybody,
Since we use Visual Paradigm, we’ve thougt about creating projects roadmap based on Visual Paradigm teamwork server. In our opinion it will be a new, good and usefull function of Visual Paradigm.

So, below I enumerate business needs to this issue.

  • CRUD any tag values for vpp projects on teamwork server (for PM Process in VP there are many attributes for project, otherwise project properties are limited to project description). The most important project properties for roadmap are: dates, current phase, market, key person name (Project Manager, Sponsor), project realization approach (like Agile, Waterfall, mix), key financial data, goals and objectives, project risk level, project complexity level and key dates (like phase changes)
  • display projects phases on the graph (in one line for project)
  • display projects relationships (via referenced .vpp) in perspective: queue perspective) and force level (strong, poor)
  • show/hide tag values or phases graph on the roadmap
  • sort or filter of projects after any tag and its values
  • reordering columns with tag
  • online access for users to roadmap
  • users permissions management at different levels: whole roadmap or limited roadmap with selected projects
  • link to outside docs
  • data interchange with financial / raporting systems, like import/export projects roadmap data to other software (xml, xls, csv etc.)

Other useful features (maybe in future):

  • voting (by authorized persons) between project phases (to go or not to go)
  • creating agenda for Projects Board meeting
  • sending invitation for Project Board meeting and for voting
  • creating project charter from vpp file for each VP project, not only with ITSM / PM Process
  • simple transition between projects roadmap and project charter or diagrams (if somebody have right permissions)

best regards,


Hi Pawel,

Thank you for your valuable suggestion. I have shared your roadmap with our development team. When there is any feedback from them, I will post here.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung