Rose import failing

My .mdl file has references to Class_Category elements with a filename such as: “c:\t\”

But when I load the .mdl, it gives me errors in the vpuml.log file such as: [MESSAGE, Fri Aug 15 14:12:33 EDT 2003]: Could not resolve reference to c:\t\, use parser.setCurrentDir()

It does load the model – showing packages – but the class diagrams are not loaded due to the errors described.

I have tried all sorts of configurations – but cannot find where it is initially looking for these files.

Any ideas?

could you send me a sample file for the situation?

I seem to have the same problem with VP Professional Editition 3.1 (30 day trial edition). Anyone able to fix this?

Dear Chiuw,

Thank you for your message. This problem has been fixed in the latest version (VP-UML 5). Please update your system and try again. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

My existing models are in Rose and extensively use using controlled units (.cat) files. I want to keep the way they are now. However I can’t find how one can do that in VP for UML. I wonder the importer will be able to recognize .cat files and deal with them correctly.

Hi Anonymous,

Our Rose Import can handle both .cat and .mdl model files. The way you import a .cat file is by selecting File | Import | Rose Project… from main menu.

If there are any further questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,

If I have to import A.mdl and its controlled unit is saved in, do I get one file (A.vpp) or do I get two files (A.vpp and B.vpp?)? In another word, is VP for UML supporting controlled units as in Rose?

I downloaded eval copy of SE and imported a .mdl file linked with a few .cat files. A few observations:

(1) .cat files are not imported with .mdl file;
(2) everything in Use Case View is flattened and at the root level.

Will the paied version be better?

Hi Anonymous,

(1) We are able to import .cat to the same project. I wonder if there are any exceptions generated when importing. Could you please send me the vp.log file under the bin directory of VP Suite for checking? Besides, are you sure that the paths of .cat files contained in .mdl are correct?.

(2) Could you please explain in more detail (any screenshot?)? It may be caused because our model view is different from Rose.

Will the paied version be better?

They are the same.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,