Round-trip engineering


Firstly I am both new to UML, and C# therefore it will come as no surprise that I am new to Visual Paradigm, and in particular the SDE-VS product.

We are using Visual Studio 2008, and I am evaluating the SDE as a tool that we as a company will potentially use to generate our UML, from Use Cases, through to Class Diagrams. So far I am finding the product reasonably easy to use, however I have come across one thing that is truely puzzling me :?: , and tarnishing my liking of the application :frowning: , if you can answer this I will be most grateful:

Quote from on-line documentation

Chapter 3 - Incremental Round-trip Engineering for C#

Enabling/Disabling Auto Round-trip Engineering

With Auto round-trip engineering, your code and model will be synchronized automatically. So your UML models and the code will be up-to-date. You can activate/deactivate the Auto round-trip engineering. Before activating/deactivating, you must open the UML model of the desired project. To enable/disable auto round-trip engineering, check/uncheck Modeling > Auto Synchronization from main menu.

I cannot find this option on my menu. The C# round-trip functionality is the main reason for my original interest in your products, especially the SDE-VS product, but I am unable to get this to work automatically, only through pressing the update button options.

I would be very grateful if you will explain to me how to work this functionality, in order that when we being to write our new product using UML class diagrams, and C# we will be able to make changes to either the code or the model, and have them reflected in both parts, without having to press options to force this to happen.

Many thanks

Muttley :slight_smile:

Hi Muttley,

Thanks for you post. We are sorry that due to some problem in Auto Round-trip Engineering, this options is removed in SDE for Visual Studio already. The documentation in our website is not updated yet, I’m sorry for the misleading and we will update the documentation asap.

If there is any further inquiry, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Lilian

Many thanks for you response.

Will this option be re-instated in the near future ?

If not, or indeed in the meantime, is there a work-a-round to enable round trip engineering within the SDE-VS for C#. This is a major requirement for us, and the prime reason that I am evaluating VP, rather than other tools. Can I use the Update Code and Update Model, will this cleanly update, around any existing code?

I will be interested to hear your response, as this is critical to our requirements, and therefore very important to us.

Best Regards

Hi Muttley,

Thanks for your reply. We are sorry that currently we have no plan to reinstate the auto round-trip engineering in Visual Studio, but we will constantly review this issue.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong