Round trip - package name problem

I try to generate a class with a package like

So the error i get it is the same in eclipse or in VP standalone

[15:15:05] [Error] com.mycompany.raw.user: PackagePackage name is not valid. The package name ‘com.mycompany.raw.user’ is not a valid identifier.

But what it is weird when i generate withe the instant generator it works very well. i check the ouput directory and all the directory and my java classes are there.

But i test another thing, if i create in design view many package as i have so it’s worked. (it is the second snapshot).

Could you tell me if it is a bug ???

by the way i use a trial version the last one : VP suite 6.1 (Build 20070815)

Hi regis,

I regret that we do not support this way of modeling package. As com, mycompany, raw are three different packages, they should be modeled as three separate packages, one inside another.

Best regards,

OK thanks. But it is pretty weird to generate this diagram in instant generator and not with round trip. It should be very useful to do the same.

I continue to evaluate your great product.

hi regis,

You are welcome. Feel free to let me know if there are any questions.

Best regards,