Running VP 3.2 with JDK 1.5.0

Install VP with your platform specific installer,
Download crimson xml lib from
unzip it in your VP’s lib dir
edit in the VP’s bin dir the file Visual_Paradigm_for_UML_<YOUR_EDITION>_3.2.lax
add to lax.class.path entry …/lib/crimson-1.1.3/crimson.jar
change the entry
from (for example)
save, run VP.

This is because Sun dropped Crimson support in jdk1.5.0 for Xerces.

Make a security copy of the file before modifing it !!!
I am not related in any manner with visual-paradigm, so I think they will not support JDK1.5.0. Use at your own risks!


Reverse Code do not seems to work with 1.5.0 (the Option dialog does not pops-up), no Exception logged.