.save method problem

Hi All,

I use DBVA for JBuilder in Java with oracle 9.

All the time I have used DBVA up to now I only used it for reading data. I never wanted to save data.

Today I needed to save a new record.
I created a new object with the Factory of that type of object.
Then I add my infos/fill the attributes and at the end I call .save.

Nothing happens - no errors, messages & the record is not saved.
Do I have to push a commit or something?

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any hints…

Hi Georg,

The best way to work with .save is to begin a transaction, save, and then commit. Is these what you have done? If the problem still occurs, could you try generate code, and send us the vp.log inside $vp-suite-install-dir/bin

Best regards,


I solved it.

I activated “print to error stream” in the error handling of the “generate code” window. Then I found out what SQL Errors orrured.

Jick: Thanks , a good tipp too!