Schema for epxorted XMI files


I am a student working currently on my master thesis which covers generation of code from UML 2.0 statecharts (and from UML 2.0 class diagrams as well).

From the exported files I see that VP uses UML 2.0 and XMI 2.1 to store exported models, which is uncommon among CASE tools, yet.

I would like to read the model without using VP API, but rather parsing XML files. Therefore, I would like to ask where can I obtain an appropiate Visual Paradigm XML schema (XSD) from. It would greatly facilitate my work.

Thank you in advance,
Romuald Pilitowski

Hi Romuald,

Thank you for your post. You can also export your project to XMI 1.0 and XMI 1.2. I captured a screenshot to show you what I mean. Can they fulfill your need?

Best Regards,