SDE can't synchronize association with attribute in Java round-trip engineering

I’ve encountered the following problem in evaluation the SDE, in there anyone be kind enough to help me with it?

  1. add an aggregation named hobbies from the Person class to the Hobby class as one to many in the class diagram
    at this moment, only the added association is shown, no corresponding attribute

  2. update the code
    the code is generated properly :slight_smile:

  3. update the model without any code modification
    an attribute named hobbies is shown

– It looks fine, BUT

  1. delete the hobbies association in class diagram
    ! the hobbies attribute will not be removed!!

  2. update the code
    nothing happens

  3. update the model immediately
    !! Oooops, an fake attribute - attribute:Hobby appears in the class diagram!!

  4. update the code
    An error shows “Duplicate association end ‘hobbies’ in class Person” :frowning:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello Wangqing,

Thanks for your message. I’ve tested your steps but unable to repeat your problem. In steps4, the attribute will not being removed is a correct behavior since your didn’t update model to code. But in step 5, update to code will remove the attributes from source code. Would you mind tell me which SDE you are trying?

Best regards,
Rain Wong