SDE Keeps dead under ubuntu 10.10

My configuration is ubuntu 10.10+jdk 1.6_24+vp 5.0_ent

It keeps dead under all kinds of unpredictable conditions,even after disabling compiz.That is killing me.But it works just fine under Kbubuntu 10.10 with same configuration. Can anybody tell me how to make it work smoothly.thank you.

Hi AlexLuya,

By “dead”, do you mean hang or crash or other abnormal behavior? Could you attach the file vp.log that can be found in the Eclipse folder?

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Jick Yeung

I also have similar problem. But I use Gentoo.
I tried to run SDE from context menu of Java project. But with no result.
There are my logs attached.


Same problem on kubuntu 11.04 amd64. No logs at all, eclipse just hangs.

Can you help to check is there any eclipse log file being generated? You can find it inside %eclipse_workspace%/.metadata/.log

Look forward to hear from you.

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There is also no eclipse log. The whole IDE hangs and can only be killed.

May I know you are using Sun JDK? or Open JDK?

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I used the packaged openjdk but also tried with sun 1.5 and 1.6.
Sorry that i have no better infos. I do not have the system anymore.

It is recommended to use Sun JDK 1.6 or above. But since you already don’t have the system anymore, that means it is no longer able to diagnose the problem… I suggest you drop us a message if you experienced the problem again on other platform. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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