SDE slows down eclipse after unloading

I got a fresh installation of VP SDE for eclipse professional edition. I´m using eclipse 3.02 and java When I launch and unload (or just switch to java view) the sde, the right-click context menu does not work anymore and anytime I click it would just use up 100% processing power for a while. Furthermore, when I close eclipse, eclipse.exe stays as task and even if I stop the task, it tells me that the workspace is in use.

Does anyone else know about this behavior ?

Thanks a lot,

Dear Bjoern,

Thank you for your post. Could you please give me more details about your working environment, such as OS, hardware spec. and the build number of the SDE that you are using? And if possible, could you please send me the vp.log file? You can locate the vp.log file under the eclipse directory. You can send the log file to my email address Thanks in advance!

I’m looking forward to hear your reply.

Best regards,