SDE VS 3.0 and Teamworkserver - Step by Step


I’m new here and we are testing VP-evaluation if we can use VP in our company. It works fine but I have a problem to get SDE 3.0 VS working with the Teamworkserver probably. First of all I create a project in VS. The Path for VP I set to the TW-Client-Path (“D:\Programme\VP Suite 2.0\visualstudio\teamwork_client\projects”). Then I creat a new project in the TW-Administration tool and import the .vpp I foun in the path I use in the VS-Project (“D:\Programme\VP Suite 2.0\visualstudio\teamwork_client\projects\test\test.vpp”).
So if I restart VS and check out the vpp, all my class-Files will be deleted automatically. The Diagramms and modells are still OK. If I try to generate them all nothing will be done. I only can generete class by class. What am I doing wrong?
Can you give me a step by step solution who to set up a TWS Project and use it in SDE?



Dear Mat,

Thank you for your email. The action you described should not affect your source files. Could you mind tell me more details on when the source files being deleted? Right after checkout the project or after certain actions?

To regenerate the source files, I recommend you try the Force update to Code. This action may talk a while to process because it will generate source files for the whole project.

To port your existing project into Teamwork Server, I recommend the following steps:

1.Create VP project under the VS .NET project using default path
2.After you have create the project and diagrams, cut the VP project from the VS .NET project to somewhere else
3.Create Teamwork project by importing the VP project created in step 2
4.Open VS .NET and check out the VP project directly

This should be the safest way converting your existing project into teamwork environment. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Hallo Rain,

thank you for your answer. But the problem is not solved. I did step by step as you told me, but after this, I can’t create any source code. I also cannot open any diagramms. Some more details: After cutting the project VS creats it again after reopening. I think that SDE doesn’t exactly know which vpp is the current.
All my classes will be deleted after checking out.


Hello Rain,

now the Teamserver also crashes at startup. Also UMl 5.0 starts with a blank screen and the buttons only appear if I move with the mousecursor over them. So we decided to use another tool because it doesn’t match our requirements.

Thank you …

Thanks for replying. I would like to hold an on-line meeting for diagnose your problem. Would you mind send me your email address so that I can contact you for the meeting? Please send your email address to directly or through private message. Thanks!

Best regards,