SDO Geometry

I have an oracle 11g database with a table containing SDO_GEOMETRY.

I am using the in the hibernate config xml file that is being generated.

I have hibernate spatial jars on the classpath along with ojdbc6.jar - the most recent oracle 11 drivers apparently.

When I try to select records using the VP generated code I get an Invalid column type: getBinaryStreamnot implemented for Oracle jdbc driver.4CNamedTypeAccessor.

When I select from the table using classic home grown code I do not have any issue.

Any ides very gratefully received

Actually I managed to sort out my problem over the weekend… I needed to configure the annotation correctly:

@Column(name="SDO_GEOMETRY", nullable=true)
@Type(type="org.hibernatespatial.GeometryUserType", parameters = {
        @Parameter(name="dialect", value="")
private Geometry SDO_GEOMETRY;

It would be nice however to not have to do this manually after the code is generated. How do I configure VP to generate this code for an SDO GEOMETRY column??