Selecting attribute types

Hi there

I’m new to VP Version 3.0 professional edition and did my first steps and also the first problems:

  1. When I add a new attribute to a class, I can select its type from a list only containing primitive types like int, char etc. There is a button that probably should open a file dialog for selecting other classes, but it is not active. How can I specify an attribute as a String, for example?

  2. There are checkboxes “Setter”, “Getter” and “Abstract” on the Attribute Specification general page. Why are these checkboxes inactive?

any suggestions?


Hi Marco,

You can select other classes as attributes - it is not limited to primative types. String is a class not a primative type, so to add an attribute as String you need to either type it manually or create a class called String.

The checkboxes "Setter, “Getter” and “Abstract” are for .NET. You cannot abstract attributes in Java or “properties” in Java.

I hope this post answers your question.



I agree with you that there should be a way to select the class of an attribute from the classpath of the project. I have not figured out how to do it. I am concerned about what will happen when and if I can get code generation working.

In any case, the answer to your second question is to select the “Property” option as the Stereotype.



I searched for

Dear Jean,

This is a good suggestion, we will consider adding this feature in VP-UML.