Separate Teamwork Server or Company SVN?


at our business, we’re running a Subversion server that’s value-added by Trac.

VP for UML supports both, its Teamwork Server and SVN. Teamwork Client documentation does not reveal any functional difference between using SVN and TS, and as far as we were able to evaluate, VP Teamwork Client behaves identical when using Teamwork Server and when using SVN.

We are quite reluctant to set up an additional server (i.e. the VP Teamwork Server) in addition to our own SVN installation, because we would then have 2 repositories for 1 project (model goes to VP TS, code goes to SVN), which might open the door for chaos and confusion and as well bar us from using Trac to track activities related to the model.

If we chose to use our own SVN, will there be any draw-backs, and if yes, what would they result in?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Reiner,

Thanks for your post. There should not be any drawbacks since the Teamwork Server and SVN behave exactly the same. In fact, SVN provides more complex administration control than Teamwork Server.

If there are any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Thank you Lilian,

your swift reply gives me considerate relief, as our team as yet was unable to acquire conclusive information.

I think, it might be beneficial for both VP users and VP marketing to state the benefits of VP Teamwork Server more clearly. I am quite impressed, that it can literally be setup within seconds and does not require any in-depth technical knowledge. Wouldn’t it be nice, if other software tools (i.e. IDEs such as Eclipse or NetBeans) could share this benefit by using VP Teamwork Server for arbitrary source files as well?

However, as our project team is part of a larger business, we can (and are supposed to) take advantage of in-house IT services and their existing infrastructure. Thus we are now able to spend this part of our budget towards other items such as additional VP for UML licenses :smiley:

Reiner Saddey

Hi Reiner Saddey,

Thanks for replying. We are sorry that our Teamwork Server does not support version control for source files - I suggest you to use SVN for this purpose.

If there are any inquires, please feel free to contact me again.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong