Sequence diagram [loop alt] question

Hi all,

I currently have a sequence diagram which loops through a list and checks to see if certain conditions match.
If they don’t match i want to show it going to the next element in the loop.
How would i do that? Is there anything specific i should do or should i just write go to beginning of loop?

Take care

P.s. im not using an if/else statement just an “if it doesnt match” go to next or if it does it just continues on through the loop. Is this wise to do?

Hi AsherX,

Thank you for your post. You can add an alt. combined fragment (with two operands) inside a loop combined fragment in the diagram.
The following link is the flash demo of how to model this. I hope this can help you to get a mind how to model your diagram with the use of alt./loop combined fragment.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

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Lilian Wong